pure poetry

Love and Bus Ride

Forward, forward, forward I go
Waited on the place I thought I knew
A place well-known, nothing new
Until the right one comes along
So I screamed, shouted, signaled
No response. No feedback. No signs.
So I ran, as quick as I can
Until I got weary, came to a halt
Then a thought struck me:
The right one arrives
The wrong place you bide
The right place, you’d never be


Filipino folks that have to ride in EDSA could relate, especially southbound going to Makati. Every morning, I have to wait for the bus far away from the bus stop and push through a lot of people just to hop, sometimes jump, with a tight grip on the railings beside the bus door. There are just times when you thought the bus would stop in front of me, I just have to run yet the bus won’t stop. So there I am, waiting in the wrong place. Yes, it can be frustrating, but never boring. 


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