pure poetry

Chance to Grief

Chance. It all started with one.
Response. Next of what we’ve got.
Conversation. As the time goes and continues.
Emotions. Grew on one, not the other.
Meet. Both knew each other, emotions grow deeper.
Cheat. As both have their own, went inside each other.
Apart. As the day ends.
Enjoyed. Left both in bliss.
Overthinking. What ifs and secrets.
Troubled. No one gets away without getting hurt.
Confused. What to do? Unknown. Undecided.
Grief. All is lost. All is broken.

The Daily Post: Cheat

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Get Dirty, Have Fun


Get dirty, get wet
Colors everywhere are set
Lie back on the road
No one ever forebode

For once have fun
Even without the sun
No one ever knows
When the last sunshine shows

The Daily Post: Fun

pure poetry

Confused…or Not?

An emotion or feeling I can’t understand
Memories I thought buried surfaced in a snap
Haphazard thoughts and emotions arise
Here I am now asking, “Why?”

Answers came in all directions
Everyone having the same reaction
Asking more question as confusion grows
Of what is happening, I want to know

Refused, denied, opposed I returned
Pondering words not prepared to be heard
I may not be confused after all
Wanting to hear words I want all along

The Daily Post: Confused

pure poetry

I’m Unfortunate

I’m unfortunate to miss you
Depression, paranoia, loneliness
Exaggeration of what I feel
It makes my mind wander
“Compose yourself,” I told myself
“I can’t,” I replied
You’re not worth it
I’m not worth it
People asks me, “Are you okay?”
I denied and said, “Yes”
The surface is just the surface

I’m unfortunate to be attached

The Daily Post: Surface